Simplicity Equals Consistency

Simplicity Equals Consistency

As a brand new homeschooler I had big pictures of grandeur in my head of what our homeschool should look like.  I imagined a house perfectly put together and boys hovering around me begging to learn.

I cannot tell you the money I have spent over the years trying different homeschool curriculum.  We’ve run the gamut from literature based to textbook, Charlotte Mason to Relaxed homeschooling and everything in between.

Do you know what I’ve found to be true?  My boys do better when “I” keep it simple.  I’ve found I don’t have to work harder, just smarter.

Our Top Three Programs:

  • Five In A Row

  • Time4Learning

  • A.C.E.

Five In A Row takes less than 30 minutes a day, I read a loud a children’s book and we pull out basic subjects from our daily reading.  It draws our hearts together as we fill our minds.

Time4Learning is an online interactive program that uses strong interactive graphics and online record keeping.  It allows my children to work independently while keeping them interested so I can do the important things around my house.

A.C.E. is a work text program that has short sections of reading with questions and answers written directly into the book.  This program teaches my children from a christian perspective while offering independence and strong comprehension skills.

Though I loved the idea of the big programs out there, I personally found I could not be consistent.  The truth is big moments of greatness will never net me the results that consistent moments of simplicity do.

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