Filling Mom’s Cup

Filling Mom’s Cup

Ugh!  Do you ever feel as though every day is the same?  Dishes, dinner, diapers, laundry, school…. get up and do it again.  I have come to realize that if I do not want to burn out I have to make sure to keep my cup filled. If can’t pour from an empty well.  I love to hear how other moms stay energized?  How do they fill their cups?

For me, I have a list.  Know that some of it seems silly, but when I take the time to do these things it helps me stay the course!

1-  My faith fuels my fire and so reading my bible or listening to praise and worship on my IPOD is a sure fire way to pump me up.

2-  Taking facebook breaks and checking in with friends.

3-  Going for a walk with my IPOD blaring!

4-  Doing my hair and putting on make up.

5-  Blogging.

What about you?  What do you do to stay energized and fill your cup?

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Responsible Or Relational?

Responsible or Relational?

As a mom of four boys I have found it fascinating how four boys who have the same two parents, raised in the exact same home, can be so vastly different.  My alpha and omega sons are my outgoing ones.  My two middle boys are more reserved.

Over the years I made a significant discovery.  My outgoing sons tend to err on the side of strong relational skills, but they are not great with details and follow through.  My reserved sons will never be the first to strike up a conversation, but they are the ones I can count on to get those to-do lists done!

I don’t think either personality is better or worse, but I do think knowing who they are and where they’re strong helps me more successful in working with them to accomplish their goals.

I know that my oldest and youngest do well in social situations. They learn better through conversation.  I understand that when I leave them to work independently they are going to begin daydreaming and will need me to help hold them accountable.

On the other hand, I know that my two middle boys cherish working independently and just need me to get them started and they’ll take over from there.

What about your home?  Do your children err on the side of relationships or responsbility?

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