Do you belong to a homeschool co-op?

Homeschool Co-op

In 13 years of homeschooling the one thing that has been steadfast in our weekly schedule is our homeschool co-op!

I love the experience it offers my boys.  Our co-op is pretty simple and straight forward.  Each class costs $25 plus a supply fee.  Though we do have some certified teachers, most of the classes are taught by moms who have a passion about a certain subject. We have five periods available but you only pick and choose the ones you want!

This semester my 10 year old is in LOVE with his skateboarding class.  My 8 year old loves his evangelism class and my 14 year old adores the art classes.  In the past we have done drama, music, choir and art classes.  These are the type of classes that truly benefit them as they are not subjects I am comfortable teaching in my home.

I’m so thankful for these wonderful opportunities.  Are you plugged into a homeschool co-op?  If so, what does it look like in your area?

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Park Days!

Park Days

I love the park!  Especially having four energetic boys!  My husband works midnights and so we make our morning’s family time.  One of our favorite outings is going to the park with skateboards, footballs and camera in hand.  They run and play and I get my own exercise just trying to keep up.

However, I “accidentally” found out something HUGE for us.  When we choose the park days the boys do much better in the afternoon when we do school.  As I researched this, sure enough there was evidence.

Many therapist explain that the brain becomes more organized and sharp as we use our small and large motor coordination.  Who would have thought?  Playing helps children learn!

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