The Power Of “NO”

The Power Of “No”

Have you ever gone to a buffet, pigged out and then tried to eat dessert?  You can’t even taste the sweetness when you’re full.  Nothing tastes good when you’re full.

That’s what happens when I allow too many “things” to crowd in and take my time.  Rather than enjoying each event it becomes something to get checked off my to-do list.

Because I’ve spent many years eating from a full plate I am adamant about guarding my time.  I have learned that there is POWER in the simple word, “NO”.

It often sounds like this.  “Oh my, that sounds like such a wonderful opportunity.  I hate that I’m going to have to say no this time but I just am not able to fit it into our schedule right now.

I used to hate to say “no” but do you know what I’ve learned?  When I say no to something outside my home, I am saying YES to something inside!

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Staying Energized!

Staying Energized

I have found I am a much better homeschooler when I do those things that ENERGIZE me.  I love this journey through home education but if I’m not careful I could easily become burned out by my daily responsibilities.  I have found that if mama ain’t excited, NOBODY is!

How do you stay energized?

What fills your cup?

  • Going for a walk
    Listening to your IPOD
    Talking with a friend on the phone

One sweet friend loves to go grocery shopping every single week.  It’s the one day that her husband watches all her kids.  She takes her IPOD, her grocery list and spends two hours shopping!

Another friend of mine loves to get in her kitchen and bake.

Maybe you can’t do something every single day?  That’s okay.  But make time to do something to energize yourself or you will find yourself burned out.  The truth is that we cannot give away what we don’t own.  You can’t pour into your children if you’re cup is dry.

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