Having a Hobby

Even though I think it’s important for everyone to have a hobby of some sort, most parents have difficulty in finding time to nurture a hobby. This is especially true with larger families, or when they have younger children. Before children, I was a total bookworm. At any given point, I had half a dozen books I was reading. Reading was really my only hobby, but I had plenty of time to devote to it.

After my children came along, I picked up a new hobby; scrapbooking. I had all of these photos, and just putting them in album after album seemed so boring. I was introduced to scrapbooking and quickly found that just having a few pictures of each activity on a cool, decorated page with a little explanation, made a world of difference with how I felt about displaying our photos. Scrapbook albums also make really great gifts!

The best thing about having a hobby is when I set aside time to read or scrap, I’m setting aside a little time to devote to myself. This keeps me from internally combusting when things get busy or stressful.

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Using Educational Supplements

Whether you are a homeschooler, or your children attend public/private school, you have probably found yourself in a position where you needed some supplementary enrichment.  Maybe the way your homeschool curriculum teaches a concept isn’t making a connection with your child. Maybe your children need a little practice in a particular subject and they just don’t have the time while they are in school.

There are many ways you can supplement your children’s education. Some children may prefer reading more in depth about what they are learning. Sometimes, game play is a better option, especially if your child is already struggling with the amount of “schoolwork” they have. Educational games often don’t feel like learning at all; they’re just fun to play.

Art projects, science experiments and field trips (even short ones with your family on the weekends) are all excellent for supplementary enrichment. What are some ways that you help to supplement with your kiddos?

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