TV as a Tool…

Most people wouldn’t think of using their TV as an educational tool, but we do. No, I don’t think there is really anything learned from watching Spongebob for hours (except how to make the most annoying sound on the planet), but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton of things that can be learned from hanging out in front of the television.

What are some of the things that my kids learn from TV?

My oldest is an aspiring Chef, so he watches the Food Network all the time. He sees different techniques and actually gets an idea of the science behind some kitchen terms. If he’s not watching that, he’s watching Discovery or Science Channel (if the Chef thing falls through, his back up is becoming a Mythbuster). He’s even been known to watch professional soccer games, just to see if there is something in his game he can improve upon.

I do censor what he watches and how much time spends in front of the tube, but it’s most definitely considered an educational tool around here. Do your kids have a favorite TV program that they learn from?

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Teaching Reading

This is one of those areas where I take for granted the ability to do something. My parents will tell you I was born reading, lol, so I don’t remember the learning process. My oldest attended Pre-K and Kindergarten in public school, and by the time I started homeschooling him in the first grade, he had already started learning to read, and had a solid grasp on it. I encouraged him and helped him, but I didn’t necessarily teach him how to read.

My youngest has never been to school, and when it came time to teach him how to read, I found out that I was clueless. I couldn’t wrap my head around not being able to look at a word and just know what it was. I also found out that one of my least favorite things to teach were Dolch, or sight words. I had absolutely no explanation for the way most of the words are spelled. Rather than just learn the words, my son wanted to know why they were spelled that way. In his brain, the word “said” should be spelled like it sounds; “sed.”

With a solid curriculum, we are overcoming the reading hurdle together. Finally, lol. Even though there were stressful times, I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to see his little face when he finally began catching on!

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