Plant Lessons

It’s April!

We worked in the yard today. It was finally warm, and pretty dry. We certainly enjoyed the sunshine. And I found two great teachable moments for my daughter.

The first one was when we started checking the flats of soil we had put seeds in. Different seeds spout in different lengths of time and under different conditions and so we had a plant lesson. We looked at different flats and saw how some plants had already put on true leaves, while other seeds had not even sprouted. We talked about size of seed, and whether the seedling would eventually grow vegetables, flowers, or grains.

That led us into the next teachable moment where we talked a bit about nutrition. My daughter talked about what she liked to eat, didn’t like to eat, and whether those things were good for her. We also talked about the amount of time from seed to edible produce. Later, we had to run an errand, and when we passed the produce market she wondered out loud how early they had to start their seeds to already have tomatoes.

Watching my daughter learn and use the information is amazing. I hope you are having moments like this with your children.

Happy Spring!

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