Math Anxiety

It’s October!

Does your child have math anxiety? Well, before you answer yes you might want to know what math anxiety is. One source says that math anxiety is sort of like stage fright. They went on to explain that it a fear or anxiety associated with math that makes it uncomfortable for students.

I understand math anxiety. My math anxiety is the reason I did not follow a science degree in college. I feel safe in saying my adult life would have been different if I hadn’t have been so darned afraid of math!

I have to try really hard not to put my math anxiety onto my daughter. If she has her own fears regarding math that is ok and we will deal with it, but I do not want to show her my own anxiety.

To that end, I always look at the math assignments ahead of time; make sure I can work the problems. If I don’t understand the assignments then I make the effort to learn so that I can explain it to my daughter. Truth be known, I am getting better at math as we work our way through my daughter’s homeschool curriculum. 

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