Welcome new homeschoolers!

It’s January!

I celebrate an anniversary of sorts in January. January is the month that we began homeschooling.

Many families begin their homeschooling journey at this time of year. Sometimes it is because of a move but often it is because the traditional classroom setting is not working for their child any longer.

I fought with my daughter to go to school every morning, and about what happened in school (or didn’t) every afternoon.

I fought with the teacher about treatment of my daughter in class and with the principal about the teacher and my daughter.

Basically, I got tired of the fighting. Our home was in total chaos. No one was happy, and no learning was happening. Something had to change!

We started homeschooling mid-year, and as each January rolls around I remember why we chose homeschooling, and why it works for us. I am also reminded that some other family might have just taken a frightening leap into homeschooling.

Regardless of whether you are a Christian homeschooler, or sought a secular curriculum online, if you are new to homeschooling this month I just want to welcome you to the adventure!

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