Living and Nonliving

It’s February! Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is amazing to watch children learn!

Here is an example of what I am talking about…Living and nonliving things.

How do you know whether it is living or not? Of course, there are criteria to determine if something is living or nonliving. We know that. And how do you explain the distinction between nonliving and dead? Isn’t dead the opposite of living?

I watched a mom try to explain to her son that the rock was not alive. He wanted to know if it was dead. She told him no, that it was not dead, that it had never been living. He wanted to know if it had been alive when it was a baby rock.

I listened as she went around and around with him, trying to explain living and nonliving (as opposed to dead) and that nonliving things didn’t start as babies and grow bigger.

I’m amazed every day to watch the wheels in my daughter’s head turn, and to watch learning occur. Enjoy the learning journey!!

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