Christmas Penmanship

It’s December!

Sometimes I get a note or card written by one of my sister’s children. It always has faint pencil lines drawn so that the child can practice letter formation and placement as they also practice the formalities such as greetings, salutations, and the etiquette of letter writing. I admire my sister for teaching this to her children and I think it is important.

That being said, my child has terrible penmanship, couldn’t address an envelope, or format a letter correctly. Part of the reason for this is my daughter is a reluctant writer, both creatively and physically. It is just not worth the agony!

You might be wondering what this has to do with the season at hand…

I was just going to suggest that your might get your child some useful handwriting practice by letting the handwriting practice actually mean something not only to the child, but to the recipient of the cards and letters. Have your children send Christmas cards to friends, relatives, and Santa (if that is your belief).

The child gets practice, get in the mood for the season, the recipient’s enjoy getting the mail, and the excitement builds!

Merry Christmas!

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