Discovering My Child’s Learning Style

Discovering My Child’s Learning Style

The secret to my homeschool’s success was in discovering my child’s learning style.  Why was this a secret to our success?  Because learning my child’s learning style gave me the secret code to gain entrance into his heart and his brain.

Early in our homeschool journey I would choose curriculum that was working well in my friends home, only to bring it home and have it FLOP in mine.  One of those programs was extremely pricey.  It was literature based and filled with incredible books.  I know it appealed to “my” love of reading and so I was deeply disappointed when it didn’t work.

I was later to learn that three of my four children learn best when material is presented visually.  Their least effective way of taking in information is auditorily.  All that reading a loud was going on but nothing was clicking.  When I switched to an online learning program that had strong visual graphics our entire life changed for the better.  Information was now able to go in, stick and stay in place.

Discovering your child’s learning style can bring freedom and FUN to your homeschool!

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