Field Trip Adventures

Field Trip Adventures

Last year, I graduated my first little homeschooler and we were going back in time remembering those things we did together that really made an impression.  I am amazed at how big a role field trips play in those memories.

We went back to when my son was just 10 years old and we had attended a Civil War re-enactment.  It was amazing how vivid that memory is almost 10 years later.  The loud noises, the smells, the costumes, the music and even the goodies they sold at the concession stand.

Before that we had attended a play at The Mahaffey Theatre on, “The Diary Of Anne Frank” and then went to the holocaust museum.  I remember the way of remembrance making me cry.  Looking into the faces of all those innocent young children who had been separated from their parents and sent to work camps simply because one mad man was full of hate and prejudice.

Field trips are the portal back in time.

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