Filling Mom’s Cup

Filling Mom’s Cup

Ugh!  Do you ever feel as though every day is the same?  Dishes, dinner, diapers, laundry, school…. get up and do it again.  I have come to realize that if I do not want to burn out I have to make sure to keep my cup filled. If can’t pour from an empty well.  I love to hear how other moms stay energized?  How do they fill their cups?

For me, I have a list.  Know that some of it seems silly, but when I take the time to do these things it helps me stay the course!

1-  My faith fuels my fire and so reading my bible or listening to praise and worship on my IPOD is a sure fire way to pump me up.

2-  Taking facebook breaks and checking in with friends.

3-  Going for a walk with my IPOD blaring!

4-  Doing my hair and putting on make up.

5-  Blogging.

What about you?  What do you do to stay energized and fill your cup?

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