You must begin with the end in mind.  Why?  If you don’t know where you’re going you will not know how to get there.  My dad and brothers are hunters.  They are amazing with a bow and arrow.  I would watch them practice over and over again as they would aim for the target.  At first, the arrow would go off course and the more they practiced the more accurate their aim would become.

Isn’t this the same with our children?  They are our arrows and if we don’t have a target we are aiming for we can get lost in a sea of busyness with nothing to show for it.

How do I begin with the end in mind?  I set my foundational goals.  These goals are unshakeable and immoveable.  They are our families worldview, our philosophy of education, our deep moral compass.  Once I understand these things and officially put that on paper I now have a workable goal sheet.

When a new opportunity comes into our life I can hold it up to those foundational goals and see how it lines up.  Is it moving us towards our world view or perhaps the better question would be, is it moving us AWAY from our worldview?

Paint the picture of where you want to see your children in 10-20 years and then jump in with both feet and live your life!

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