Helping Our Children Pursue Their Passions!

Helping Our Children Pursue Their Passions!

One of my biggest goals as a mother is to help my children discover their passions and purpose.  I have found that education will take you so far but passion will take you even further.  How do we discover what we’re passionate about?

  • Start a notebook! Begin writing down all the things that energize you.  There is no way to do this in one sitting and it’s an ongoing, life-long process.  As your child starts to list those things you should begin to see a pattern.  Where does he or she like to spend their time?  Is it with people, privately working on a hobby, exercising?

  • Take a Strengths assessment using Strength Finder 2.0 and discover your child’s top five talents.

  • Involve your child in a variety of activities and see where they shine!

As you begin to discover your child’s passions you will quickly begin to find their PURPOSE!

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