Homeschooling Breaks and Being Flexible

I could list a gazillion reasons why I’m so glad we are homeschoolers. But the one reason that always appears close to the top of that list is flexibility. Flexibility to learn at our own paces, flexibility to practice any spiritual beliefs that we may have, flexibility to do our spelling curriculum before we change out of our PJs if we want, and the flexibility to not do school on the days when it works out best for us, rather than when it’s best for a school board. Yep, flexibility is beautiful thing.

Planning our breaks throughout our school year is awesome. We take our annual beach vacation in April before school systems let out (This generally cuts way down on the number of people visiting the same destination as us, plus it’s cheaper. Cheaper is always good!) and because we do so much during the winter holiday season, we take off from Thanksgiving until New Years. This affords us the time to visit wide spread family, do volunteer work with our Scouts and our homeschool group, and to simply enjoy the holiday season together without any school pressure.

What are some of the ways you appreciate the flexibility of homeschooling?

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