Late Bloomer Or Learning Disability?

Late Bloomer Or Learning Disability?

Do you have a child that struggles to understand basic concepts?  Have you ever wondered what’s going on?

When my oldest son was 7 years old we pulled him out of public school to homeschool him.  His teacher had come to me halfway through his Kindergarten year and told me that he was struggling to master his letters and letter sounds.  I was stunned?  I thought he was doing fine with his homework.  So I did what any mama would do, I ordered a phonics program off an infomercial.

In just four days, working 15 minutes per day, he learned all of his letter and letter sounds and began blending them.  We were thrilled and thus began our home education journey.

However, we kept noticing that he was getting stuck and struggling to get out of the starting gate.  After three years our pediatrician finally gave us a referral to our local children’s hospital for an evaluation and this precious boy of mine was diagnosed with Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

If I could go back and do it again, I would have pushed sooner for that evaluation.  I was following the advice of others and harboring hope that my son was simply a late bloomer.  The one good thing is that we decided to homeschool him.  I have found this child of mine thrives when working one on one.

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