Memories Are Made In the Mundane

Memories are made in the mundane

Dishes, diapers, laundry & Math!  Sound familiar?  This is my life.  I swear dirty socks come in and gobble me up when no ones looking.

There have been seasons when I felt completely forgotten and days when even the smallest act of service is a huge blessing.  After 13 years of being home with my children and helping launch my oldest son into his adult life I’ve learned that many of my memories were made in the mundane, daily activities.

It’s so easy to look at a friends blog post of the life sized ear canal she and her children made and begin to think our kids are going to miss out.  How can I even think of building big projects when I’m behind on my laundry?

You want to know what I have found in our home?  I have found that many of my memories have been made in the mundane.  Sitting around the dinner table every night, laughing, talking, teaching, will be what my children will remember one day when they have their own families.

Do you feel as though your life is filled with mundane?  GOOD!  Embrace it!

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