Nosy Neighbors

Nosy Neighbors

After 13 years of homeschooling we had a situation occur that totally blew me away.  My two sons were playing with the little boy behind us.  We have never had any negative comments about homeschooling and so I had not trained my little ones how to respond should someone challenge their right.

I happened to be at a homeschooling meeting when a neighbor asked my children if they were homeschooled.  They responded yes and continued to play.  This neighbor went into her house and began pulling out books and making my children read a loud to her.  As they stumbled in their nervousness she then started drilling them with math facts.  In shock and disbelief they did not respond well.  She then began to tell them that they should tell their mama that they want to go to school.

My son looked completely confused as he shared this with me.  “Why would I want to go to school?  Is that what it’s like?”  We had a wonderful conversation about how to respond should anything like this ever happen again.  Lesson learned…. ALWAYS prepare your children for all situations.

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