Plans for Next School Year?

May is generally a time when homeschoolers start making plans for their next school year. It’s a good time to evaluate how the current school year has gone, and make changes if necessary. Often times, after spending a year with a particular curriculum or program, you have a different perspective on how you want to do things next time. What seemed like a fabulous plan back in August is now not so great.

This is also the time of year where homeschoolers decide if they want to continue on with homeschooling, or if they think the best thing for their children is to put them in/back in school. Some families only homeschool one year; maybe to get through a difficult year or situation. Some families who have been homeschooling for several years find themselves weighing the pros and cons of homeschooling, wondering if home education is still the best option for their family.

How has your school year gone? Are you continuing on in the same manner next year, or are there changes you are making?

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