I am loving this new season I am in with older children.  It’s been a hard transition watching my little babies turn into little boys and now young men.  I miss those days of chubby dirty hands and lollipop filled kisses. Yet, I am learning to embrace this new season of deep conversations, controlled learning, independence.

Every season has it’s ups and it’s downs. There was such a sweetness to having an infant.  I could sit and snuggle their fuzzy little heads all day long.  Yet, I didn’t get to see their little personalities come out until they were older.

Last year we graduated my first little homeschooler.  I had a good cry as I said goodbye to my season of homeschooling and embraced our new season of launching.

What season are you in?  Are you able to embrace it and enjoy every single moment or are you wanting to hurry through?  If the older me could offer advice to the younger mom, I would tell me to slow down, enjoy and savor every moment.  It goes by so quickly.  We don’t ever get to do it over again.

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