Second Grade Language Arts

The teaching of 2nd grade language arts is about as much fun as anything. There are far less bodily fluids (which is good) but students still cry a lot. More importantly, many fot he students are not really reading books which is incredibly fun and satisfying.

Second graders are a fun group who are still really curious and not yet the least bit tired of learning. Many will now start to have real interests so you can learn from them which is a total hoot.

But, second grade parents can be a bit of a pill. More on that later. (Did i mention that I suggested to one parent that if her child was really that much of a snowflake, maybe she should homeschool her? No, I didn’t really say that but I did think about it as she droned on one day about the things that I had to understand about her child….LOL, teacher humor….)

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