Spring Cleaning

I’ve always wondered why and how “spring cleaning” came about. I wish it meant that we only had to clean our houses once a year, lol. I guess as the weather starts to warm up, people feel more energized and are willing to thin out stuff that has accumulated throughout the winter?

It’s that time around here. We may have a couple of really deep cleaning periods during the year, but spring is when we really push up our sleeves and dig in. We go through clothes and shoes, books and toys, curricula and materials; you name it, we clean it out and give it away.

Yes, I said give it away.

I hate yard sales. I love to shop them; I just don’t care anything about hosting one. I will generally try to find people who are looking for what I am getting rid of, and I will just hand it over. If I have things left over that no one has claimed I will take it to Goodwill, The Salvation Army or a local Mission Thrift Store.

What about you? What do you do with stuff you are “thinning out?”

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