Staying Sane In Chaos

Staying Sane In Chaos

How do you stay sane in the midst of chaos?  By letting GO and say NO!

Chaos takes place when something interrupts our normal routine.  Sickness, speaking events, company, hurricanes! (Hey, I live in Florida)  All these things have wreaked havoc in my home at one time or another.  How do I stay sane?  I’ve learned “3” simple tricks:

1-  Let go! Surrender.  Trying to plow through a crazy period and keeping up our same pace is a sure fire way to burn out and get grumpy.

2-  Make it a teachable moment. I recently spoke at a conference and included my children in my preparing.  They went shopping with me, helped me make copies of outlines and even listened to story idea’s.

3-  Talk with a friend. Processing through conversation helps to get it out in the open so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming.

Don’t allow interruptions to drain you!  Make lemonade out of lemons.  Have FUN!  Enjoy your journey!

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