The Power Of “NO”

The Power Of “No”

Have you ever gone to a buffet, pigged out and then tried to eat dessert?  You can’t even taste the sweetness when you’re full.  Nothing tastes good when you’re full.

That’s what happens when I allow too many “things” to crowd in and take my time.  Rather than enjoying each event it becomes something to get checked off my to-do list.

Because I’ve spent many years eating from a full plate I am adamant about guarding my time.  I have learned that there is POWER in the simple word, “NO”.

It often sounds like this.  “Oh my, that sounds like such a wonderful opportunity.  I hate that I’m going to have to say no this time but I just am not able to fit it into our schedule right now.

I used to hate to say “no” but do you know what I’ve learned?  When I say no to something outside my home, I am saying YES to something inside!

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