These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

What is my favorite thing about August, besides the fact that both of my boys were born in August?

The back to school sales!

Yep, I’m nuts about them. I love stocking up (my husband calls it hoarding, I call it being prepared, lol) on all those fun school supplies. I can go pretty crazy over a lot of the things that are on sale, but there are a few items that I think you just can’t have too many of.

Spiral notebooks are wonderful. When they are $.10 each, I generally buy 10 for each boy. They can use them to doodle in, journal in, whatever.

Disposable mechanical pencils are an absolute. Yes, normal pencils are cheaper, but my time is more important to me than the difference in the cost between regular or mechanical pencils. Spend two hours in one day sharpening pencils and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Glue sticks are my most favorite. I will start my school year off with 50 glue sticks and by the time next year’s sale starts I will be down to zero.

What school supplies do you stock up on each summer?

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