Helping Out in the Community

Being a valuable member in your community is something that every child should understand and work towards. We are trying to teach our boys that, and set a good example for them by doing what we can in our community…you know, walking the walk not just talking the talk, lol.

While some people donate money to different activities and causes, not everyone is financially able to do that. What we are trying to instill in our boys is that their time is just as valuable as their money. We are heavily involved in Scouts, and in our local homeschool group, so we have a lot of opportunity to take part in community service projects. We do clean up at state parks, we help build/repair things (like re-painting the helipad at the hospital) and every year we sing Christmas Carols and bring greeting cards to the residents at a local nursing home.

Even if you don’t belong to a group, like a Scout unit or homeschool group, there are ways that you can volunteer in your town. Soup kitchens, homeless shelters and centers are also all great places to contribute your time.

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