Too Early for a Foreign Language?

I guess it’s never too early for a foreign language. I know that being able to speak multiple languages is incredibly beneficial in this day and age. I just struggle with when to introduce one to my 7 year old who is still trying to learn to read English, lol.

For those of you have already started teaching a foreign language to your second graders, or younger elementary aged children, how to did you approach it? I don’t know if I should go ahead and buy a full blown language program, or if I should just get some books from the library. My favorite bookstore has plenty of choices as well, including phrase books, flash cards and more.

I found a website that has some foreign language games, and game play is always readily accepted around here. That would probably be a good place to start. If I could just get him to pin down which language he wants to learn. He says wants to learn Chinese, but only because he says he would rather draw the words than write them.    :/

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