Trying to Teach Abbreviations

There are so many things I find hard to teach, with one of my hardest being sight words. Why do I find them so hard to teach? Because I have a second grader who has to have a reasonable, valid explanation for everything. He needs to know why “night” is spelled with a “gh.” Then he needs to know why “knight” is spelled with a “k;” after all there are other words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.

Next for most difficult is teaching word abbreviations. Yes, these fall under the same concept of sight words; meaning he is just supposed to know them when he sees them. But again with the explanations! Why does “Mrs.” have an “r” in it? Why is “Avenue” abbreviated “Ave.” when “Road,” “Drive” and “Street” are only two letter abbreviations? I have said “because that’s JUST THE WAY IT IS” more times than I should. I dislike that explanation, but end up throwing my hands up in frustration.

I am glad that he doesn’t just take everything at face value, and that he really wants to know what he is asking, but it can be hard to keep our groove going when we end up so off track sometimes, lol.

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